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Audio and Video

Custom Electronic Systems, Inc. combines artistry with technology to create graceful solutions for enhancing your not only your home but lifestyle, as well. Our custom electronic systems blend with unique environment and architecture of your home to deliver convenience and simplicity with unlimited possibilities.

We are members of  Cedia, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. You can expect the best possible job to be completed in your home or business.

Imagine a movie theater in your own home. That with a push of a button the video projection system turns on, the large 120" screen comes out of the ceiling, the lights dim and the movie begins. We utilize a variety of wireless and in-wall touch panel remote systems to make your life easier by making the operation of our systems we install as simplistic as possible. If you are considering installing a state of the art entertainment system in your home, look no further. Elite should be "number one" on your list. Our Services Include:

- Custom designed, built and installed home theater systems.
- Multi-purpose media entertainment systems.
- Multi room audio/video systems.
- Plasma, big screen, front & rear projection systems.
- Home automation / lighting control systems.
- Telephone / security systems.
- Custom and pre-manufactured entertainment centers.
- Acoustical design, theater seating and fiber optics.
- Structured wiring / network system.
Custom Electronic Systems
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