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Why CES?

Custom Electronic Systems is a member of C.E.D.I.A. (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) the premier education and certification organization in the Electronic Systems Integration Industry.

Unlike most other companies in this industry that just quote a package price for a system sight unseen, we take the time to personally meet with each customer to determine their specific needs. We then research and select the best components available in the industry (within the budget) and utilize them to custom design systems to meet the clients’ unique needs.

After these initial specifications have been determined, a custom designed wiring proposal is prepared. Once the wiring phase is completed, an electronic component system proposal is designed. The customer is consulted during each phase of the design process to allow for input so that the final system design fully meets the customer’s vision of what the system should be.

Only through this detailed process can a truly customized system that performs to the customer’s expectations be installed.

Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction throughout the entire process from concept to completion.  We strive to be the type of company that clients will recommend to their friends and family for years to come.

Custom Electronic Systems
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